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MEMSENS is a specialized business in the development and the manufacture of the pressure sensors and the pressure transducers.

At the present time, MEMSENS proposes two types of products: oil filled pressure sensors with INOX case and pressure transducers for the specific applications with a high quality. MEMSENS also offers the technical services for the development of the technologies and fabrication processes, setting up the manufacture of sensor, as well as a support for the research of pieces or of suppliers in Europe and in China.

MEMSENS Company has very strong experiences in the sensors field. Their biggest advantage is his location in a centre of the technologies in microelectronics and micro-machining fields in Switzerland. There are very famous research institutions, like EPFL, Institute of Micro-Technology (IMT) of University of Neuchâtel, HES-Arc of Neuchâtel, CESM around MEMSENS Company. It has very close relationship and direct collaboration with them. At same time MEMSENS Company has also very close contacts and cooperation with sensors companies, and micro-electronics and micro-machining companies in Switzerland and in Europe. In addition MEMSENS Company also has the experiences in the quality management.

Therefore MEMSENS Company can provide a very large range of technical support and services.

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